Meet the people who make up this great family

All the people who work within the company are a key part of this family.

We want to dedicate this section to some people who compose this company throughout the globe, telling us that it is for them Embarba.



Fred Schaub

🇧🇴 Bolivia

What is Embarba for you?

- Excellent quality of the products supplied

- Compliance with written and verbal commitments

- Efficient after-sales service

- Business Ethics in Enterprises

You could list another 20 positive qualifiers about the company as well as about kindness, courtesy, professionalism and efficiency of Mr. Luis Embarba and his collaborators. The sale of Embarba elevators in the national territory of Bolivia, means business without any start or doubts.

Mostafa Mortazavi Kantantari

🇮🇷 Iran

What is Embarba for you?

از خرید اسانسور از شرکت امباربا در اسپانیا بسیار راضی هستم، بخصوص از  مسئولان شرکت در سرعت عمل  ارسال اطلاعات و  خدمات بعد از فروش و همچنین   کیفیت  بالا و قیمت قابل توجه در مقایسه  با سایر برند ها.
بنا بر اطلاعاتی که دارم شرکت امباربا بزودی بطور مستقیم وارد بازار ایران خواهد شد و با سابقه ای که از ۴۰ سال پیش در این کشور دارد ، اسقبال بزرگی از او هم در  ایران و هم در کشورهای همجوار خواهد داشت
مصطفا مرتضوی کلانتری

I am very satisfied with the purchase of elevators of Embarba Spain, particularly for its fast dispatch of information by the responsible of the company, the after-sales service and also for the quality and very competitive price in comparison with the other brands. According to my information, Embarba is going to be present in the Iranian market and with the experience it has had in this country for 40 years, it will be very well received both in Iran and in the surrounding countries

Nabil Essabouh

🇲🇦 Morocco

What is Embarba for you?

For me Embarba is a large family with a large number of professionals who do not hesitate to collaborate with each other to improve the quality of their products and services. Embarba is a place where we work together as a team Always meet expectations and meet the needs of our customers, because our motto and main goal is to improve people's lives

Juan María Prieto

🇪🇸 Spain

What is Embarba for you?

After 42 years of having served in EMBARBA in positions of responsibility and with the objectivity achieved by distancing oneself from any function, (in my case for retirement) when I reflect on the success achieved by this unquestionably company, I find many values Which justify it, although there are four basic pillars of this success: its human capital, its vocation for service, its commitment to customers and the ability to manage the company that has managed to integrate, maintain and strengthen in the very DNA Of the same values

Manuel Alfaro y Blanca Sánchez

🇲🇽 Mexico

What is Embarba for you?

"We are a team of people transforming the concept of the vertical load management industry, following the values and principles of our founders, where the human factor represents the main engine to achieve our objectives as a company"

Federico Rodriguez

🇪🇸 Spain

What is Embarba for you?

Answering this question I will say that it is part of my life, I started being very young and I spent 47 years until my retirement. I grew up in her and with her, I was part of a good team of professionals who with their work and always guided by those maxims marked by their direction: RESPECT, SERIOUSNESS, QUALITY and SAFETY, always try to give the best service to their clients and Users.


🇬🇧 United Kingdom

What is Embarba for you?

I have worked for Embarba for 7 years and I love every minute of my job.  I have a  variety of jobs to do  from accounts, wages, servicing etc.  The company is like one big family we all get along and I hope to be with them till the end of time.

He trabajado para Embarba durante 7 años y amo cada minuto de mi trabajo. Tengo una gran variedad de trabajos que hacer desde cuentas, salarios, servicio, etc La empresa es como una gran familia que todos nos llevamos y espero estar con ellos hasta el final de los tiempos.