Not only do we elevate you, we also do it with your most precious objects


Our day to day is not only composed of people around us but we are surrounded by an infinite amount of objects that facilitate our journey and in many cases need to be transported.

Our solutions are able to adapt to the customer's needs by offering lifting solutions for the smallest book, cooking plates, vehicles or freight up to 10 Ton, all with a wide range of options of size, weight or heights and allowing the customer to customize it with safety and maintenance extras that increasing their service life.

All these solutions are designed for industrial centres, hotels, car parks, hospitals or libraries.



PRH Freight lifts

They are elevators with hydraulic technology for the vertical transport of loads and designed to lift loads up to 10,000 kg (*) with a great capacity of personalization, offering a wide range of dimensions, routes and stops. These devices are designed for industry or department stores where it is necessary to transport high quantities of products or heavy products.

For safety regulations this type of lifting device is prohibited for the transport of persons.

Note (*) A previous study by our Technical Department to see the feasibility of the project is necessary.


MH service lifts

Very useful and easy to transport items such as food, parcels, documents, etc... Due to the particular use to which these lifts are intended, they are installed mainly in restaurants, hotels, libraries, offices or hospitals.

The installation is relatively simple, for this it is necessary to have a space reserved for the installation of said device. To facilitate its use, save time and money, the installation on site have direct connection to the electrical grid to be used as a normal household appliance as there may be in your kitchen or living room.